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Second Secure Software From First Principles Workshop del Progetto SERICS - Spoke 6

da 13 giugno 2024 a 14 giugno 2024
Sagrestia, Complesso di San Francesco

The complexity of software systems requires security to be considered in the very early stages of the software life cycle.
In this respect, the project goal is to address the formal foundations of secure programming to simplify the implementation of secure-by-construction software systems.

The project aims to develop semantic models and high-level programming abstractions for writing secure code from the first principle, to devise techniques to analyze a piece of software both at a static time and at run-time in order to assess its security properties continuously and to ensure that is free from vulnerabilities; to design and implement infrastructure-level mechanisms that allow the secure execution and composition of software.

The project's current results will be presented during the workshop, and the next activities will be planned.