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Exploring the Impact of Digital Technologies on Cultural Heritage and Humanities Research

24 giugno 2024
10:00 am
San Francesco Complex - classroom 2

This presentation explores the impact of new technologies (especially Artificial Intelligence) on cultural heritage and broader humanities research, drawing on research experiences from the Centre for Cultural Heritage Technology (CCHT).

It is noteworthy that digital technologies have become already integral to humanities research, necessitating by now a careful balance to fully leverage their potential while upholding rigorous ethical standards. The talk will focus on the use of digital technologies to ensure high-quality research, concentrating on the integrity of sources and data, as well as ethical considerations, thus addressing current debates in these fields and the concerns and challenges faced by humanists.

Specific case studies will illustrate how digital technologies can advance research and conservation efforts in cultural heritage without compromising the qualitative and reflective methodologies typical of humanities studies.


Join at: imt.lu/aula2

Arianna Traviglia, University of Venice Ca’ Foscari